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Les Services EM offers a wide range of high quality and innovative services, in chemical materials management. We also offer a proactive and preventative approach to employers and employees while caring to protect the environment.

Our products will help you increase your efficiency when searching for appropriate MSDS and will help with the response time of your stakeholders during incidents or chemical spill. In addition, our dynamic team will take care of your training needs, in accordance with the WHMIS legislation (Hazardous Materials Act).

Les Services EM will help you reduce your costs associated with managing your chemicals such as MSDS management, inventory and workplace labels.

When in buisness with Les Services EM, the home page of our website will provide you with a visibility for your business, in the section: Our Clients


New on the web


A new online MSDS binder, accessible 24/7, is brought to you (English/French)!


On this new website you can:

  • Manage all your MSDSs by expiration date;
  • Rescue rapidly and effectively a colleague, through our direct search engine;
  • Receive an e-mail and download the new MSDS to insert in your catalog;
  • Sort all your chemicals according to their category;
  • Create a custom virtual binder for each user.


Other services:

  • Mounting a physical binder containing MSDS (English / French);
  • Complete inventory of your chemicals at your workplace;
  • Create and affix labels for transfill products at your workplace;
  • WHMIS training provided on site by a licensed and dynamic trainer, including documentation and a certificate (business card size).

Respect, health and safety of individuals are the values that drive our team during the dynamic and rigorous assessment of your needs. Our ability to adapt to each client's requirements and the implementation of a plan of personalized services are done with the utmost concern for satisfaction.


Your health and safety, we make it our priority !



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